The NDCC Way...

When you take the field your represent NDCC. When you put on the cap, the merchandise, the whites you represent a club which prides itself on honesty, respect and Achievement. Here are 11 simple rules known as the "NDCC Way" which every player and supporter should adhere to during their time at North Dandenong

1. 'Punctuality'
Always be punctual to training or to a game, its a sign of respect to your team mates.

2. 'Look the Part'
Compulsory for 1st and 2nd XI to wear NDCC warm up and Game day shirt (Hermitage Home) and Hat
3rd,4th and 5th XI to to wear NDCC attire and Hat

3. 'Respect the Umpires'
Do not argue and respect umpires decisions regardless of how wrong you think they are. If there is reason to have a discussion with the umpire your captain will do it & do it with calmness & respect

4. 'Respect your teammates'
- everyone has different abilities and you should respect the fact that some people in your team aren't as good as you
- Avoid on field confrontations with fellow teammates. If you have an issue be sure to take if off field
- Always encourage and not discourage
- Always remain Positive regardless of situations
- Enjoy each others success
- Do not 'bag' other team mates even if a joke is intended, as you don't know how it affects them

5 'Strive for success'
- Be sure to push yourself at training to the limit
- Be sure to do everything in your power that eliminates excuses for failure
- Don't hold back
- Fight

6. 'Support Your Captain'
- Off field, do what is required before, during and after matches
- On field, always respect and back up their decision even though you may not agree

7. ' Bowling'
- Always look to bowl lines and areas

8. 'Batting'
- Partnerships are NO doubt the key, Back your ability and Play to the situation

9. 'Fielding'
- Stick to the basics

10. Training
- Always complete the drills before you start
- If for some reason you need to leave early tell the coach
- If you want specialist training don't be afraid to ask
- Help others as they will help you.

11. 'Support your club'
- Always support club functions.
- Always go back to the rooms even after a game
- Show interest in other teams and other individual performances